Political cartooning is one of those things I just fell into, like an open well; or stepped into, like a fresh cow patty. I enjoy lampooning those whom WE elect to govern us and those who assume they should govern us because of their supposed brilliance or superior intelligence. 
People are funny creatures. A friend once commented on how jealous he was of my vocation. All I had to do, he stated, was to wait for "them" to open "their" mouths and speak. An occurrence which, he observed, never fails to happen.
How true.
Perhaps my career choice is easy. It does, after all, require little effort or, as some might insinuate, few brains to criticize. It is much more tasking on ones humanity to act and make a positive change in our culture and society. So, while I may exercise my freedom to poke fun at the silliness of us bipedal rulers of all that we see, I am also very conscious of just how difficult we are to govern.
So, hats off to those who venture into public life, may your hide be thick and may you laugh along with the rest of us.
My editorial work can be found in the pages and on the website of the best newspaper in the North, the
Yukon News, and on the pages of Alberta’s second oldest college newspaper, The Weal.