Jan 2015

Hedgehog hair cuts and pointy shoes!

I'm not sure what it is, but I've noticed lately that a lot of young men seem to be having a love affair with their hair. And not just the hair on top of their heads, but also on the bottom of their chins and who knows, maybe in other places, too. I'll leave that to your imaginations. I've seen weird hedgehog hair cuts, horrible Wolverine-style cuts, and long, stringy beards choked-to-death with beard wax reminiscent of that Duck Dynasty facial hair schlock.
These are just a few of the hipsters I saw at Cross Iron recently. Two of them were working in Tommy Hilfiger and I could barely constrain myself. My inner fashion sense was just begging me to ask, “Hey, man, what's with the long, pointy old-man shoes? Is there a wizard's convention in town or something?”
I kid you not, one of the dudes shoes must have been close to 16 inches long. He couldn’t even walk normally. In fact, images of clowns were filling my head.
Honestly, though, if the hipsters of the 40's saw these contemporary metro sexual wannabes in their thrift-store-bought label clothing and pokey clown shoes, there'd be a rumble happening tonight!